Standard Report

Helping Students Reduce Stress & Increase Learning Capability

Aimed at Learners at all levels from high school (at age 16+years) upwards

The report combines emotional wellness, Jung, Neuroscience, and the Enneagram Personality test all mapped to lifelong learning and building a growth mindset.

These reports help build self-awareness, offering feedback that promotes both emotional health and learning efficacy.

They address “how to learn” taking into account ones emotional health and wellbeing, are easy to access and can be integrated into most online or facilitated learning processes.

What’s In The Report?
Your level of Extraversion/Introversion
Thinking, Feeling, Sensing, and Intuiting preferences (based onYour Carl Jung and modern Neuroscience)
Your Enneagram Personality Type & full profile
The practical implication of these aspects for optimising your learning capability.
Your strengths and areas for possible further development


Standard Report



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