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  • Educators operating in any learning environment, including high school, and tertiary education; or in corporate/organisational training at all levels;
  • Learners in high school (primarily grades 11-12 i.e. 17-18 years old; our Standard Reports apply here.
  • Learners in tertiary education, corporate business schools, corporate learning & development programmes, etc.
  • The questionnaire is not new. It is borrowed from the FIVE LENS questionnaire which evaluates Personal Mastery, Emotional Resilience, and Enneagram profile.
  • Research has been done on this questionnaire and in-depth technical reports produced showing statistical evidence of internal and external validation.
  • We also have received numerous qualitative feedback supporting the accuracy of the reports generated by this questionnaire.
  • The output of our reports is completely aligned with the widely used 4-MAT model of instructional design.
  • After completing the online assessment, as an Educator, you will receive detailed feedback reports indicating your likely learning preferences and practical guidelines on what you can do to optimise your own learning ability.
  • You’ll also receive ‘teaching style’ feedback indicating your likely default way of delivering your learning programmes to learners and additional content with guidelines on how to enhance your learning programmes in order to maximise your learners’ ability to learn
  • Learning programmes are primarily designed and delivered for the benefit of learners. It’s important to design and deliver these programmes in such a way as to maximize the learning that takes place. To achieve this, it’s important for Educators to ensure that the design and delivery of their learning programmes are optimal.
  • Our feedback reports and additional information we provide offers useful practical ideas on how to do this. In addition, we offer Learners their own feedback reports that highlight their likely preferred way of learning and ideas on how to maximise this such that their capacity to absorb and retrieve information in the learning process is enhanced.
  • To date, the feedback received from Learners and Educators has been very positive. We plan to conduct ongoing research on how this set of resources is impacting Learners, Educators, and institutions where learning takes place
  • Learners and Educators are invited to complete our online questionnaire. Individualised Learner and Educator feedback reports are instantly generated by our online system for them.
  • Additional information and practical guidelines for Educators is also available in order to help them enhance the design and delivery of their learning processes.